Four Expert Tips to Maintain Luscious Blonde Locks

Blonde hair is an evergreen fashion trend that has been widely adopted by the ladies since its inception. While blonde hair always look desirable and give the wearer an updated look instantly, it can be quite hard to maintain. If not pampered properly, the golden locks become more prone to frizz out, get damaged and look worn out. Therefore, it’s very important to take right steps so as to keep up the health and shine of blonde locks.

Blonde Locks

Minimize chlorine exposure

Chlorine present in the pool water is a loud “No” for your when you have blonde hair. It doesn’t go well with golden hair and tends to give it a won out look. So, it is highly advisable to minimize the chlorine or pool/water exposure as much as possible. Wear swimming cap before you jump the pool and rinse your hair immediately after getting out. Use a mild, nourishing shampoo to wash your hair, especially if you’ve dry hair.

Keep it protected

Sun protection is another must for maintaining health and beauty of your blonde hair. Harsh sunrays have the tendency to leave your hair dry and dehydrated that is more likely to get frizzy. Therefore, you have to use products containing SPF in order to protect your tresses against the damaging UV rays. You may also want to use SPF creams for this purpose. Additionally, a regular deep-conditioning treatment is also crucial for maintaining your hair and scalp’s moisture level.

Cut down chemical exposure

Cut back on the chemical exposure to the maximum possible extant. The chemicals present in hair dyes, highlighter and low lighters as well as those used in cosmetic treatments weighs down on your blonde hair, leaving it pale. The best option for your golden locks is the natural products instead.

Blonde Locks-

Proper moisturization is the key

Blonde tress and a care-free attitude go hand-in-hand. But you must not carry away with this attitude until you want your enviable golden hair to look very shabby. Keep your locks well moisturized and hydrated. Don’t wash your hair too often; instead use a dry shampoo to give your hair much-needed oomph. Moreover, use the shampoos infused with moisturizing properties so as to keep your curls hydrated even after wash.