Four Straightening Techniques to Straighten Curly Tress

Although curly hair appeals and fascinates many, especially those having straighter, sleeker hair, but those with curly hair find the curls very annoying and frustrating. The curly hair is prone to get fizzier than any other hair texture plus they are hard to style too. Hence, the women find straightening their mane as the ultimate solution to all their hair issue.   

Four Straightening Techniques to Straighten Curly Tress

There are several roads to go down when it comes to straighten the hair. You can go for a more permanent solution in the form of chemical straightening or you can get the pleasure of flaunting enviable straight hair for a couple of hours with the help of your blow dryer r straight irons. Here I am explaining a few hair straightening techniques to get the straightening treatment right!

Curling Rollers: Yes! You read the right! Besides curling the hair, curling rollers can be used for straightening the hair as well. It is in fact one of the most commonly used straightening techniques in the salons. The reason may be that it’s a bit time consuming and tedious, but with a tad of practice your can get hand of it get your mane straightened without paying heavy amounts in salons.

Flat iron: It’s another answer to at home hair-straightening job. The iron you use must feature a heat setting to prevent hair-burning or scorching and a hair protectant spray or serum should also be worked beforehand to minimize heat damage. Curly hair usually straight down on a lower heat settings based upon the texture.

Blowing out – A hairdryer is such a versatile tool that helps you achieve any hairstyle your want. For using dryer as a straightening tool, you need to work a heat-protectannt all through the strands and after attaching the preferred attachment (comb, brush, round, thermo styling or paddle brushes) straighten your hair with it. Use a flat ron at the end to further smooth out the tress and you’re done.

Chemical straighteners: It is the technique to straighten the curly hair permanently. The hair bonds are broken down during the treatment and as a result the curl patterns loosen up ad your hair gets straighter.