Four Trendy Ways to Disguise a Bad Hair Day

Tips to combat a bad hair day range from covering your tresses up to give them an entirely different style statement. Notwithstanding how much conscious you’re about catering for your hair, oftentimes bad hair days are just unavoidable.

Four Trendy Ways to Disguise a Bad Hair Day


However, there are plenty of tips and tricks to disguise bad hair days. Check out the tricks and make sure to keep them in mind when you meet the bad hair day next time.

Braid It

The first and foremost trick to disguise a bad hair day is to braid your hair. No matter which braided hairstyle you opt to go for, it will hide the dirty hair and help tame it. And, since the braided hairstyles have been allover the runways these days so you’ll definitely look up-to-date with this look.

Wear Scarf/Headband

At times you just want to cover up the whole thing when you have a bad hair day. A colorful headscarf or headband is another excellent quick fix for a bad hair day.
A stylish headband or scarf will cheer up your look while rendering you an Old Hollywood charm.

Messy Bun

Another chic and trendy way to camouflage a bad hair day is to tie the mane into a messy bun. Since this muddled updo doesn’t have to be perfect and immaculate so it can help you a lot to get away with any mishaps. High, low or side, the messy updo is the way to go.

Add Curls

When you’re facing a bad hair day, it is always better not to over style it. Think about giving your hair some instant lift by adding curls to the ends. This fashionable alternative will give your hair a styled look while masking up any hateful frizz.