Freida Pinto Worn Vintage 20s Updo On Her Hair

Vintage is the theme of the biggest and the most glamorous event of the this season Cannes Film Festival 2013. It is considered as the best runway where the celebrities shows their personality in the perfect manners wearing different kind of dresses which they think that it will look best on their personality.

Freida Pinto Worn Vintage 20s Updo On Her Hair

Right on the first day of the Cannes Film Festival 2013 opening ceremony a lot of the celebrities have made the people dazzled through their appearance and personalities on the red carpet. Not only their dresses but the hairstyles were also one of the biggest features of their personalities which can not be ignored. Here i am also going to discuss about a celebrity who got the attention of the people on her self not only because of her dress but also her hairstyle.

Freida Pinto Worn Vintage 20s Updo On Her Hair-

Hairstyles is said to be one of those things in the personality which is being noticed by the people while the celebrities made appearance in the party or function and ceremonies. Freida Pinto appeared on the red carpet of the Jeune & Jolie premiere in the Cannes Film Festival 2013 wear a Gatsby-esque golden dress and more importantly 20s updo on her hair which has made her personality more prominent in the ceremony.

Freida Pinto Worn Vintage 20s Updo On Her Hair-0

As I have point out before that this season the theme of Cannes Film Festival 2013 is vintage so she have presented a nice example of the theme by showing her dressing sense. 28-year old Freida Pinto stepped on the red carpet while she was fully featured with dressing style of 1920s and got the attention of the people of the venue wearing a thigh high split dress she was looking gorgeous.

Critics are saying that the celebrities want to highlight the old fashion trend of Hollywood so that is why they have chosen that particular theme and they can also give their tribute to the beauties of 1920’s.