Fresh Style Ideas For Your Curly Hair This Summer

Managing the curly, frizzy or thick hair turns proportionally extra difficult during summer season than any other one. Humid climate tightens up your already curly hair into a big fuzz ball or retro sausage rolls.

The harmful elements present in the pool, stream or river water also play their part in worsening your hair condition and the sun robs whatsoever moisture is left out of your dry, frail locks. The solution for this type of locks is Prevention, Protection and Product.


To prevent your hair from damage, stick to the below given tips.

Cover it up. There is a reason why do ladies during 50s and 60s were accustomed to keep their head covered with scarves while heading out in the sun or wind: to keep the environmental factors from damaging their hair. Fortunately, the trend has launched a comeback this season again and the scarves are more appealing. So, if the idea appeals you cover your hair with a scarf that goes with your mood and dress to protect your hair.

Hold it down. Tie your hair in a wide headband. It holds your hair in place and keeps the wind from tangling, winging and drying out your hair while adding flair to your personality.

Tuck it in. If you have extra long here that are long enough for a ponytail, tuck and clip the brittle ends in where they can stay safe and secured, to minimize the odds of damage.


Following a daily hair-care regimen, treat your hair with products containing SPF in them. Employ a sulfate-free shampoo to keep the hair from stripping while blow drying. Always use flat irons or ceramic curling for heat styling; this will prevent hair breakage.

If you know it’s gonna be a busy, outdoorsy kind of day, prepare your hair for the day beforehand. Treat your hair with a penetrating leave-in conditioner that morning. Moisturize your hair well after the day’s fun is ended.


Treating your coarse and unruly hair with right products that are devised specifically for your hair type is essential for keeping the hair healthy and shiny all the times. Fritz Clay has developed great products for curly hair; here is his formula and style idea to achieve soft, silky waves through these products.

  1. First shampoo and condition your hair as usual and then use a foam-setting lotion or your regular styling product, preferable an alcohol-free.
  2. According to the thickness of your locks, part them in 5 or 6 sections and split every section in two. Now twist those two wisps together, and use a hair-tie to keep the ends together.
  3. Use a portable dryer or diffuser to dry out all the hair sections.
    4. Once the sections are fully dried, untie the twists, dab on a weightless shine serum and finger-style your subtle fresh waves.