Get Silky Hair Naturally

Every woman like to have long and silky hair and if you were not born with such kind of hair and you want to deal with dry, dull looking frizzy, damaged hair then here are some simple tips that you need to follow and you will be able to have beautiful silky hair without any tool or product.

First of all you need to understand that hair is a human body, apart from areas of glabrous skin, is covered in follicles which produce thick terminal and fine vellus hair and each strand of hair is made up of the medulla, cortex, and cuticle and the main and the simplest thing that your hair need is protein and vitamins and you can get that from healthy food or from supplements, but I will say that you eat food that full fill your requirements.

Get Silky Hair Naturally

You can add healthy balanced food in your diet like sprouts, green vegetables, milk, Fish and nuts are the most important food to add in our diet and you can add fresh and uncooked food and fruits in your diet too and drink lots of water, water is something that your hair need to get healthy and natural moisturizer and it provide your hair some healthy growth and shine.

The next thing that you can sue to get beautiful healthy silky hair is Oil Massage, no matter how beautiful and silky hair you have you always need to apply some healthy moisturizer to your skin and to your scalp and oil massage is something that always work for your hair and for that you can use any oil at all, but there is no comparison of the benefits of essential oils like almond oil, olive oil and jojoba oil and if you have oily skin and scalp and you think that your hair does not need oil then you can use lavender oil or mustard oil and then rub oil in your scalp and hair and in case you have damaged hair then you can try steaming to your hair too.

Get Silky Hair Naturally-

Combing Hair your hair is something that we do all the time with brush or with our hands, but you don’t know that you can use it to increase the hair growth and for that you can try a simple method, when you eat meal, just take few minute rest and then take your brush and pull all of your hair in front of you and bend your spine a bit in front and then comb for 10 minute and this will increase your blood circulation and will increase the look of your hair.

Get Silky Hair Naturally-0

Cold Water is the magical potion for your hair, and for that you need to understand that hot or warm water can ruin your hair and scalp for good and you will never be able to cure them ever again and for colder areas or season you can wash your hair with slightly worm water and then apply some conditioner or homemade conditioner and then wash your hair with cold water and you will see the result yourself.

At the last, I would love to say that nothing is more effective then home remedies and natural things so use them to make your hair prettier.