Hair Care Beautiful Regime

Our hairs are the most delicate and the most beautiful assets we have, but they need care, they need super care even if you were born with beautiful hair, and for that you need to make sure you get better cleaning of your hair and you better keep restoring the moisturizer level in your hair and scalp and add mineral and vitamins in your hair that your hair and scalp needs to get better looks, and today I am shearing my hair care regime routine with all of you.
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First thing that you need to do at any cost and with full determination is OILING:- it is one thing which will not only help you get healthy and better looking hair, nourish your hair and scalp, Improves blood circulation and make your hair and roots strong, cool downs the body and relax stress, cures dandruff , and help your hair to get essential minerals and for that you can use any essential oil, but coconut, olive, jojoba, sweet almonds and mustered oil is great, but if you want then I can share some homemade oil recipe with you.

Here is the list of Ingredients that you need to make this homemade oil for your hair.

Gooseberry, Holy basil, Coconut or Castor oil

Now mix the ingredients with oil and put it on the heat for a while and then filter the oil and store it in a clean bottle and keep it in a clean, dry place and use it 4 times a week for desired results, you can use the same oil for hot oil treatment too.

Next thing that you need to do is CONDITIONING and for that you should use masks and I can tell you that use homemade mask, they are far better and far affective than things that you buy ready to use, and yogurt and olive oil mask is the best thing that you can use to get better results , and if you have oily skin then Aloe Vera is very good for your hair and if you have normal scalp and hair then you can use fenugreek mask which is not only very good to moisturizer your scalp, but it is very good to get thicker healthier hair too.

VITAMINS & MINERALS intake is very important, one should take healthy and balanced diet and it will not only help you get better hair, but will keep you healthy inside out too, you need to ask your doc to prescribe you folic acid pill, Vitamin b3 pill and Vitamin A, C, E pills everyday and that will help you maintain a good hair health and with these supplements, you should add good healthy natural foods too including Egg, milk, greens and vegetables.

Drink lots of water and wash your hair with mild shampoo as soon as you feel they need cleaning.

Best of luck.