Hair Care for Damaged Curly Hair

Curly hair tends to quickly get effected by the environmental factors such as exposure to sun, harsh weather conditions, pollution and cool or dry winds. These all factors combine together to make the curly hair brittle and dry. That’s why the girls having curly hair often complaint experiencing hair damage such as dry and frizzy hair, split ends and hair breakage.

Hair Care for Damaged Curly Hair

Apart from the environmental factors, certain other factors also contribute in making curly hair damaged. Consumption of wrong diet and lack of moisture are also main causes of damaged curly hair. Chemical hair-colors are usually made up of peroxide that causes a collapse of protective layers of hair, making them more prone to breakage, splitting and other damages. Furthermore, frequent and improper usage of hair straightener or blow dryer can also cause the curly hair to become excess dry, which harms the cuticle and may lead to break.

The first thing which you should do for the proper care and maintenance of hair is moisturizing and conditioning them on regular basis. Apply a good-quality moisturizer right after shampooing your hair. This act is necessary to restore the natural moisture of locks.

Regular application of virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil or almond oil is necessary to maintain the natural sheen and softness of curly hair. Repeat the oiling treatment at least once in a week. These oils not only nourish and moisturize the dry scalps but also promote the blood circulation in this area. Most oils contain vitamin E, which your hair need for proper growth.

As I have mentioned above that hair styling tools damage the texture of curly hair. So you need to minimize the use of such tools and products. When it becomes very necessary to use a blow dryer, straightner or other hairstyling tools, protect your hair by applying a heat-protecting spray before doing so. Always keep the blow dryer on a low heat setting when using it and hold it at least 2 inches from your head.