Hair Care Recipes for Teen Girls

Hair Care Recipes for Teen Girls

Having soft, shiny and healthy is the natural desire of everyone. For this purpose a variety of products are produced by different companies. However, most people prefer to use homemade products for rendering desired softness and shine to their hair. The reason being, these products are purely natural and 100% side effect free.

Hair Care Recipes for Teen Girls
Hair Care Recipes for Teen Girls

Few home Hair Care Recipes for Teen Girls are given below

Flax Seed Hair Gel

A homemade hair gel can help in making the hair soft and fluffy. The ingredients required for preparing this gel include two tablespoons of whole flax seeds, pure aloe Vera gel (optional), a little essential oil and one cup of water. First, boil the water and then add flex seeds into it and reduce the heat. Boil the mixture for almost ten minutes.(Hairstyles)

Stir the mixture continually while boiling until it transforms into a gel-like lotion. Then after, strain the mixture into a small bottle using a fine strainer or cheesecloth. Add few drops of essential oil and aloe vera gel if you want. Store the prepared gel in the fridge for upto 7 days. If you want to add aloe vera gel as well than fill the ¾ part of the bottle with the mixture and rest one part with the aloe vera gel. Use the gel regularly; this will not let the hair get hard or crunchy.

Ayurvedic Hair Cream

A homemade hair conditioner can render desired softness and shine to your hair with having any side effects. Ayurvedic hair cream is one of such natural hair conditioners. It is easy to make and use at home. For preparing the cream you need one, one ounce of amla and mahabhringraj oil each and two ounces of shealoe butter. First, melt the shealoe butter in a double boiler.

When the butter completely melts and transform into a liquid, remove it from the heat and put both the Ayurvedic oils into it. Beat the mixture by the time it cools down. After cooling down the mixture should turn slightly thick; ensure it’s not turn extra thick. Collect the prepared cream into a jar and let it cool down utterly. For getting desired out come dab the cream to the hair tips or rub it into the scalp as overnight treatment.

Herbal Shampoo

Take one teaspoon of nettle leaves, rosemary leaves, saga leaves each, three oz liquid castile soap, a little lavender and rosemary oils, jojoba oil (optional), and boiling water. First, mix all together in a container. Add adequate water so that the herbs dip into it, and allow it to steep at least half an hour. Decant castile soap into a bottle and then strain funnel and herbs into the soap. If you wish, add a few drops of jojoba and essential oils. Use the soap after shaking it well.