Hair Color According To Your Skin Tone

Hair dying or hair shades are the most beautiful and the most famous fashion nowadays, and there are lots of shades that you can try on your hair, but you cannot just take any shade and apply that over your hair, there are lots of things that you need to see before picking the right shade, you need to see the shade of your skin, eyes and many other things and today we are going to help you to pick the hair shade accordion to your own skin tone.

garnier hair color

Normally when we use hair color, we usually pick the darker shade than skin color we keep the tone of our skin in mind and you can consider the shade of your eyes too cause these two things are the most important things while you pick the shade,

hair color 2013

if you are trying to get the natural look then you need to keep your skin tone in your mind and you need to understand if you have worm skin tone or cold and you need to pick the exactly opposite shade and this will not only suit you, but will look natural and safe, this is the safest way to pick the hair shade, but if you want to do some experiments then you can use the technique of mix and match.

loreal hair color

If you do not know your skin tone then let me tell you that Caucasians with flush, pink or ruddy skin, brownish, but a hint of pink and red and tanned skin is worm skin complexions is worm skin complexion and you can use colder or lighter shades, and if you have pale Caucasian complexions with little pale touch, extremely fair and dull looking complexions are cold and you need to add some shades in your look to get the a balanced look.

revlon hair color

Now at the end I will say what I always say when we talk about something new, learn the rules like pro and beak them like an artist.