Hair-Coloring During Pregnancy – All You Need to Know

Hair-Coloring During Pregnancy - All You Need to KnowHair coloring or bleaching has now turned out to be a basic hair-care ritual for many. Folks use hair-colors, highlighters and low-lighters to update their look instantly. While making use of hair-dyes to change your look is quite okay in normal days, these dyes can be extremely harmful for you if you’re an expecting mom. The chemicals used in the synthetic hair dyes may prove highly devastating for your baby.

Risks Associated With Hair-Coloring

Most of the synthetic hair colors contain abrasive chemicals that are really unsafe for your health and your baby’s too. When you use these dyes, these chemicals get absorbed into your scalp and get into your bloodstream this way. So, one should be very, very careful while dying hair during pregnancy.


Moreover, hair colors have also been found to be a chief culprit behind the development of cancer neuroblastoma in the un-born babies. This is a rare form cancer wherein the nervous system and tissue of the patient are affected. Not only this, if used in high doses these dyes also bring about birth defects oftentimes.

How to Minimize the Risks

Many medical experts advise the expecting moms to stay away from the synthetic hair dyes during the first trimester. During the first three months of pregnancy, the baby undergoes vital neurological developments and hair dyes can affect this development.

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If you’re dying the hair at home, a few things can be done to minimize the chemical exposure to remarkable extant.

Pick off the products with very less number of chemicals and get your hands into gloves while applying the dyes in order to prevent direct contact with the color.

While applying the color try to make sure that it doesn’t come in direct contact with your scalp. Use the color onto the strands only.

Always sit in a well-ventilated area while using the hair color. This will help you evade excessive chemical exposure.

Don’t let the chemicals get into your blood by leaving the color on for prolonged period. Leave the color on for minimum time so as to keep it from absorbing and thus harming your baby.