Hair Fall Solution & Treatment

We are going to share a complete lifestyle to treat your hair fall, from diet to lifestyle and at all the home remedies for hair fall.

Diet: – you cannot get any good result if you are not healthy inside, so the key tip for healthy hair and healthy life is good food and healthy lifestyle, drink lots of water and eat lots of healthy food, you can find out what should you eat to get healthy hair. You need to eat appropriate amount of vitamins, minerals and iron and if you think that you need supplements then ask your doctor for some prescription, but the best is if you eat healthy food rather than eating supplements.

Hair Fall Solution & Treatment

Now let metabolism shares some simple and easy tips for your hair
Oiling is very good for your hair; you need to provide healthy nutritional input to your hair to get healthy hair, it is like the food for your hair, if you think that you have dry and damaged hair then it is best if you apply mix essential oils and if you don’t like fragrance then try a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil this is a best mixture for your dry damaged hair and if you have oily hair then dilute mustard oil with lime and water and use some kind of spray to apply that mixture cause with a spray method you will be able to reach to the roots with pressure.

Keep your hair clean no matter what, if you think that excessive use of your hair shampoo and product are making your hair dull and rough then start using some baby shampoo, but clean your hair as soon as you feel they are getting dirty. You need to keep your scalp an your hair clean cause your hair needs to breath and if the scalp is not clean then your hair will start getting dry and weak and after that they will start falling.

Now I am sharing some home remedies with you to use to prevent hair fall. You can apply a smooth past of Henna, mustard oil and yogurt for hair fall, but you need to apply that 4 times a week for next three month and you will soon notice that you don’t have hair issue any more.

Applying aloe vera everyday or at least 5 times a week will make your hair roots so strong and it will help you getting new hair too. Use a mixture of Castor oil and olive oil will help your hair growth and hair fall issue too….
Use honey as a per-wash mask and it will keep your hair smooth and strong.