Hair Loss Myths & Reality

Today we are going to talk about some myths about hair loss, normally we follow some famous sayings about it which in fact are myths and we related our hair loss to those myths rather than doing some real efforts to stop our hair fall so if you really want to know what is real and what is myth then keep reading.

Hair Loss Myths & Reality

Sitting In An Ac Room May Cause Hair Loss.

Fact: normally when we sit in air conditioner room for too long then it can cause dryness, dandruff and itchiness in your scalp, but there are no reason of hair fall due to A.C so in your hair, there is no scientific proof that shows that it can lead to hair loss so you can sit in air conditioning as long as you want.

Losing hair every day means you are getting bald

Fact: It’s normal to lose as many as 100 hairs a day, in fact it is healthy, that show your hair and your scalp is in normal and balanced level and your hair follicles are working properly, but yess if you are losing more than that then you need some help so make sure you are eating well and then get some medical help.

Smoothening or straightening can cause hair loss

Fact: Hair care products don’t cause hair loss, but excess of anything is bad so when we start pulling our hair and using too much hair care products it start making our hair roots and scalp damage and then we start losing our hair, but if you are using these things once in a while then it is okay and no harm will be make by these things.

Massaging the scalp can reduce hair loss

Fact: Blood circulation doesn’t boost hair growth, as too much brushing is not good for your hair as it may lead to hair breakage, leading to loss of hair, but if you think that your hair fall is due to dryness then you can try oiling, but too much massage is bad, again excess of anything is bad.

Cutting your hair will make it grow back thicker

Fact: Cutting your hair will not aide hair growth, nothing can change the real kind of your hair, if your hair frolickers have thin hair growth then nothing can change it, if they are not thicker in bas noting will change it.