Hair Loss Problem in Men

Hair loss usually occurs in men, but also a lot of experience with women. Different reasons why people lose their hair. Therefore it is important to know why this happens.

Hair is the spicious thing in the life of men

There are few reason about that, these reasons are present as under

  • Most men lose their hair because their genetic configurations.
  •  In many cases it may take many years to happen, but many people in extreme cases loss of hair, was a quick experience, the hair begins to fall.
  • This is very important that your medical opinion that such a disease is Alpociea can find, quick treatment is crucial to get the best results.

Now we will tell you about how the hairs are fallen. To check this that if you have face this problem or not then these notes will provide help to find that you are fallen in that disease or not. So Take a look at your scalp, head on average there are about 100,000 to 150,000 hairs on the scalp. These hairs grow from roots called follicles. Follicle blood vessels at the base of each hair on the food with which to live and grow hair. Beach Hair grows at different rates for each of the following, in general. Hair of 90% and 10% at rest, which means they do not grow in the phase of growth. When the hair grows normally until the last five years, after which the rest of the hair is usually around 4 months, and the time they went on stage after a fall. All this is normal, the fallout, because the hairs are replaced by new hair. But people who are susceptible to hair loss, hair usually not replaced, or a hair thinner and weaker, causing the appearance of hair loss and new  hair have been replaced.