Hair Loss Treatment for Girls

Hair loss is a very common problem many people suffer. Some people complaint about the hair loss in the later ages of their lives, it’s not very severe; however, hair loss in early age of life is really alarming.

Hair Loss Treatment for Girls

Though, permanent treatment of this problem has not been discovered yet but even then few treatments are here that can confiscate hair loss to the highest possible extent.

Causes of Hair Loss

There are many reasons behind the occurrence of hair loss. Hormonal disproportion, use of contraceptive pills, alopecia areata, rubbing the scalp or pulling the hair, enduring ailment, any major surgery, cancer chemotherapy etc are some of the countless causes of hair loss or baldness.

Treatment options

Through proper treatment the hair loss or baldness can be overcame. It slows down the process of hair fall, encourage limited re-growth or reinstate damaged hair. There is a variety in treatments that include surgical, non-surgical, herbal and cosmetic treatments. By surgical method new hair are transplanted on the scalp, non surgical treatments include tablets and lotions that imply to reduce the hair fall. Cosmetic treatments include hairpieces and wigs. Massage with any essential oil is also helpful in confiscating the hair fall thus assist curing baldness.


Shampoos and Conditioners

The most commonly used hair loss remedies are shampoos and conditioners. Produced by different companies, these shampoos and conditioners claim production of excellent outcome when used properly. This type of hair loss solution is loved by most people because it can be integrated in their everyday routine easily.

Hair transplantation

The one off surgical treatment of hair loss is hair transplantation. It got popularity in 1950s; however, in the beginning its results were look unnatural because large plug of hair were used at that time for transplantation. But now mini- and micro- plugs of skin that contain 1-5 hairs are used. This modern technique produces thin hair growth that look more natural.