Hair Loss Treatment For Women

If you seriously looking for some simple solutions of hair fall then I would say that you should start eating the right food for your hair and if you don’t know which food is good for your skin or your hair then you can find some helpful blogs right her cause we did share some food for healthy hair, skin and eyes and you can use them to get beautiful hair from inside out, but with the right food you need to add right home remedies to look after your hair topically too and here are some very effective home remedies for you.

Hair Loss Treatment For Women

Oiling is very good for beautiful and healthy hair, but if you use the right oil the you will get the results sooner and I would say sunflower oil is very good for your hair fall issue, and you just need to use it to massage on your scalp for fifteen to twenty minutes every day and it will help your hair fall with boosting the blood stream and will promote the growth of hair eventually…
Next thing that you can do is take any natural oils, like olive, canola, mustard and coconut oil and worm it up a bit and then and give your hair and your scalp some warm condition mask and then rub it over your scalp and wrap it up with swimming cap or shower cap and then wash it off with some mild shampoo after half an hour.

Take the juices of onion, garlic and ginger and mix all juices in one bowl and blend it well and apply it over the scalp of your head and then and the let your hair get dry and wrap it with cotton cap and leave it for a night and then wash it with shampoo.

Hair Loss Treatment For Women-

Make a black tea, put two glasses of water on the fire and add one three inches long cinnamon stick and some coriander and cardamom and then add one tablespoon coffee in it and then when it start sizzling add one tablespoon tea leaves and then let it cool down and now you need to mix 2 cups of henna with that and let it soak the healthy ingredients of the healthy tea over night and now in the morning you need to add some yogurt and mustard oil in it and then apply it over the scalp and then over your hair and then let it get dry for whole 2-4 hours and then wash it off with chilled or running water and you need to use this for 3 times a week and when you see that your hair fall is solved now then you can decrease it to once a week.