Hair Masks For Dry Damaged Hair

Dry, damaged hair is the nightmare of any woman and man too, no one wants to have ugly looking dull lifeless hair, and if you have those or your hair are converting into dull and dry hair then you just need to try these mask and you will see a beautiful transformation in your hair.

make hair masks

First of all we will use a Avado mask for hair as you know that avocado is loaded with essential fats and you would get natural Omega 3 fatty acid with that simple natural fruit and it is the best thing that you can do to get healthy beautiful hair and for that we will start with one -half ripe avocado +Vitamin E oil +Ripe banana and pure Aloe Vera gel and mix these things with a blender and you need to make a thick paste of it and then keep it in room temperature,

homemade hair treatments for damaged hair

if you want to get best result then you need to use this past over washed and clean scalp, you need to brush your hair for 20-40 times and massage your scalp to get it active to absorb the healthy nutrition of the mask, apply it all over your scalp and rub with smooth hands and cover all of your hair with shower cap and enjoy the peaceful 2 hours with that mask on your hair, if you feel a bit itchy or it get dry earlier then you can take a shower with plain running water, you don’t need to use any kind of shampoo.

how to make homemade hair treatments

Next thing that you can use to get rid of damaged and lifeless hair is yogurt, I personally think that nothing is better for your skin and your hair then a plain fresh yogurt, you just need to mix any essential oil in it, I would say add mustered oil or olive oil and mix it well and apply it over your scalp and your hair too, use your hands to apply it all over your hair and then cover your hair and then cover your hair with cap and let your scalp soak the moisturizer from the mask and wash your hair with any mild shampoo, you can use this mask prior to every wash and you will love the result.