Hair Masks For Healthy Hair

I am home remedies person and I believe that you can get best result with natural things rather than cosmetic products and if you believe that too then here are some very good and very effective mask that can help your hair issues easily.

1. Eggs: – I personally think that Egg is one of the best things that you can do for your hair and that is the best thing that can solve almost every hair issues, like dryness, itchiness, split ends, dry hair and many other issues, so here is mask that you can use for healthy, soft, shiny and lustrous hair.

Hair Masks For Healthy Hair

Take one egg and beat it very well and apply that to your roots and cover your hair with any cotton cloth and after that wash your hair with running water and any mild shampoo.

Hair Masks For Healthy Hair

If you are dealing with dry hair then apply a mask of yogurt, egg and olive oil and you will get perfect solution of dry hair. You can take one egg and add juice of one lime in it and massage for dandruff, Bananas and Almonds, it is also very good for healthy hair and very effective for health scalp too , you just need to mix one banana and one table spoon of almonds oil and apply that massage for healthy shiny hair, just give 45 minutes to this mask and rinse off with cold water and mild shampoo.

Hair Masks For Healthy Hair-

Henna Pack: – If you are trying to get long and healthy hair then try this pack, but you need to be really patient, you need to give your hair three months, and you will see healthy shiny beautiful hair with a very beautiful shade too and this is the recipe of that pack and you need to make it every other day and use it fresh.

Hair Masks For Healthy Hair-0

First of all you need to make a tea for it to mix properly and for that put water on stock and add one cinnamon stick and one table spoon of coffee in it and when you see that it is boiling then add tea leaf in it and after 5 minutes strain this and mix henna with it.

Now add 5 tablespoon henna, add one egg, two table spoon mustered oil and mix it well and keep one thing in mind you got to mix it 12 hours before you want to apply, and keep this mask on for 2 hours at least and wash it with mild shampoo, you can use mask twice a week and enjoy the beautiful hair.