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Hair Styling Tips- How to Add Volume to Fine Hair

With a large number of people complaining about it, occurrence of fine hair has become a prevalent hair issue. There are many factors that contribute to fine hair such as pregnancy, prolonged illness or genetics etc. Such type of hair tends to look thin and flyaway.Hair Styling Tips- How to Add Volume to Fine Hair

Creating volume for the fine hair is the best way to maximize those thin tresses. There are plenty of ways that help you create an illusion of volumized, thick hair. Take a look at a few of these ways.

Volume-building formulas

When it comes to create illusion of thickness for thin, fine hairs, volume-building formulas is the just right way to go. These products add body to the fine hair by coating each strand with a thick layer of proteins. It’s indispensable however, for those who use volume-creating formulas to use a clarifying shampoo regularly on weekly basis to remove any residues of the product as they tend to weigh down your locks if not cleansed properly.

Use hair thickening products

You can also resort to the products specifically designed to add thickness, to get desired thick hair. While using these products however, make sure to concentrate only on the root areas, to keep build ups in check.

Adding natural volume

Wearing the hair in bun or creating a braid are a few natural ways to add volume, body and movement to your fine hair. It could be a great option for those who don’t want using chemical-based products to add volume. Just make sure to mist a generous amount of a hair thickening product to roots before creating the style.