Hairstyle Tips for Square Faces

Hairstyle Tips for Square Faces

Face shape is one of the chief determining factors in what haircut and makeup you should get and what you should stay away from when you begin seeking ways to improvise yourself.

Hairstyle Tips for Square Faces

Before spending bucks in expensive salons you are supposed to figure out your facial structure so as to get a cut that work the best to maximize your best features and play down the imperfect ones. Here in this article we’re going to discuss some helpful hairstyles tips for square shaped faces.

Hairstyle Tips for Square Faces

Square shaped face features angular jaw-line and is considered the strongest of all face types. There is a misconception among the women that since they’ve sharp facial structure the hairstyles alternatives for them are very limited.

It’s not the case actually. You can go for virtually every haircut and style; just make sure not to forget your agenda—creating the illusion of longer face so as to soften the sharp jaw line.

Unlike most women, women with square shaped faces look extremely gorgeous with long hair. Think about wispy and voluminous hair falling over your face to make your face look a bit elongated.

You may also want to sport bangs on either side. They will add some diagonal movement and thus will minimize your face shape.

Curling your manes to add a tiny bit of volume and movement is another excellent way to reduce your face’s angular structure.

You may also elegantly flaunt a short or medium hairstyle providing that it’s more rounded or with wispy ends. A hairstyle sitting high on the crown is also perfect for square faces.

Hairstyles to Steer Clear of

You should, however, steer clear of straight bangs teamed with flat hair, chin-length blunt bob and solid bangs which end at the middle parts. These hairstyles tend to emphasize your jawline, ending you up with an even angular and square-looking face.