HairStyles! Dye They Way You Like

Today we are going to talk about hair colors and you will not believe that there are so many brands, kinds and so many companies that are working their level best to make sure that you get the best results and if you know what shade is good for you then you don’t only cover the gray but also boosts volume and shine and make you feel and look younger and even more attractive,

HairStyles! Dye They Way You Like

but if you are using the same shade and some way to dye your hair that you use to many years back then you need to think again and you need to read this blog.

HairStyles! Dye They Way You Like-

Here are some tips for you to get the best dye result possible.

Choose an Age-Defying Shade: – if you are using one color let’s say if you are a drastic white and fair lady and you have been using maroon shade then this is a time to add some honey brown in it and get some highlights and you will see how marvelous this will make you look, after 30, you are not allow to use one shade, you need to and you have to make some highlights and get mix shades and they will make you look young and beautiful.

HairStyles! Dye They Way You Like-0

Go Multi-Tonal: – as we were talking about earlier, never go for one shade, you need to get the vibrancy of youth back in your hair and for that you need to mix different tones and if you are using red then add maroon, lightest brown and honey gold too and that will give you the shiny hair and look and will make you feel and look beautiful, you can even try a mix of highlights and lowlights against your base color and if you are trying to make your fine lines less visible then don’t get highlights on your bands, try lowlights instead.

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Apply like a Pro, the best if you hire or get some service of a profession, but if you are doing it by yourself the make sure you are not getting marks on your forehead, on your ears or neck, apply some plain petroleum jelly on these areas before you start dying and still if you get stains on your skin then use some cleanser and some pro cleaners for that.