Hairstyles for Round Faces and Thin Hair

A good hairstyle that can work great with your facial structure and texture of your hair can instantly transform you from a plain Jane to a beauty diva. However, every hairstyle doesn’t suit everyone so you have to be very choosy about getting a haircut.

If you are in the quest of hairstyle for round face and thin hair, make sure to find out the one that can minimize the roundedness of your face, creating the illusion of an elongated face. You should stay away from the cuts that exaggerate the specific structure of your face instead.

Some overwhelming hairstyle options for round faces and thin hair are given below

Short Bob

Short Bob with Bangs

Chic and elegant bob hairstyles are a great option when it comes to short hairstyles for the women having round shaped face and thin hair. In this versatile haircut, the hair is clipped till the jaw-line, with face framing bangs. The stylist introduced various alterations in the bob hairstyle by adding layers, entailing varying styles of bands or changing the length. A-line bob, layered bob, angled bob, stacked bob and asymmetrical bob are some popular bob styles.

Long Inverted Bob

Long Inverted Bob

Another trendier hairstyle for round faces is long inverted bob. The hair in the sassy haircut is kept relatively shorter at the rear than the sides and the front. With the height at the tiara and the longer face-framing wisps, the roundedness of the face is certainly reduced.

Wavy Hairstyle

Wavy Hairstyle

By adding length to the round faces, the long haircuts serve effectively to minimize the roundness of your face. The women with round shaped face can have their hair styled into soft waves or curls. Curly long bob haircut also is a great option. Straight long wisps with graduated steps from chin and downwards will also look overwhelming when implemented on round faces.

Face framing side-swept bangs or a side-fringe is another nice choice for round-faced ladies. Innovative hair-coloring ideas may also be an elegant choice. A wavy hairstyle also serves adequately to soften your facial features. Long side-swept bangs also work well for round faced people. You should stay away from hairstyles that involve center parting.