Hairstyles That Give You A Slimmer Look

If you trying to get a new and slammer look then you just need to ask your stylist to give you one of these easy but slimming haircuts and I bet you will see the difference in no time, and if you accessories perfectly then you will look fresher and younger too.

Hairstyles That Give You A Slimmer Look

Asymmetrical bob, if you have beautiful and neck and well shaped shoulders then this is for a you just need to see which Asymmetrical bob will suit you, I fu looking for fashionable asymmetrical bob then you got to see if you have face cut of Anna Wintour or Edith Head and if you are looking for sexy and sultry look then Paris Hilton and if you trying to get marvelous charming and beautiful looks then try Victoria Beckham look, God! She rocks Asymmetrical bob then best.

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Long shag is one of the most famous and one of the most perfect hair style for round-faced, the long shag is ideally shoulder-length or longer and it will defiantly going to take years off your face since its layers tend to soften your visage and they cover the frame of your face and give you a soft and amazing look.

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Layers are very good if you have a huge volume of hair and you are trying to get some slimmer looks if you go for uniform length of hair, that will not only make you look fatter and bigger, but it will make you flat and unpleasant too, so try to get longer and shorter layers and if you just want to get slimmer look then you can try bangs with that too, Layers near the cheekbone’s line will highlight your bone structure which is not good so try not to highlight your bones and try to create a optical illusion with these styles.

Hairstyles That Give You A Slimmer Look-

Highlights are very good idea for getting beautiful skim look , Subtle and natural highlights make your face look younger and leaner whereas light and dark colors mimics stripes make your face look longer and slimmer and that is the same secret that designer use to make vertical stripes to get slimming impression.

  • Don’t get long poker straight hair because they will make your head look small and your face heavy.
  • Don’t get blunt chin-length bob because they will make your face look round and big.
  • Never ever get a haircut that ends directly at your chin which will make your face look shorter and bigger.
  • Be experimental and know what suits you and what don’t.