Sun Damaged Hair Treatments & Top 5 Hair Treatment

Sun Damaged Hair Treatments

Earth worming is making the summer season longer and the hotter than it used to be and that is adding so many issues in our look and day to day life, now sun not only burn the upper layer of our hair, but dry out the ends too and today we are going to share some ways to treat sun damaged hair with you:)

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Essential Oils For Hair [ II ] & Essential Oils For Hair Recipes

Essential Oils For Hair [ II ]

Lemon Oil is as good as the real lime is, it is best to treat scalp dryness by stimulating the sebaceous glands and it is very good to treat itchy scalp, dandruff and hair lice and if you have some kind of scalp acne or pimples which are very common if you have dryness and itchy scalp then you can treat it with lime oil too, you would love the refreshingly citrus fragrance and balmy effects of lemon essential oil that will not only make your hair grow smoothly, but it is very good to teat face acne and scars too.

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