Hairstyling Tips for Fine Hair

Those with fine and thin hair know very well that fine hair can be easily tormented by frizz, flat limp locks and the failure to hold a curl. All these factors make it hard to style the fine perfectly.

However, these and some other fine hair issues can be easily tackled, if you know few hairstyling tips just for fine hair.

Hair Styling Tips

  • To straighten the fine hair, make use of a paddle hair brush or a blow dryer rather than a hair straightner. This will give volume-filled finish to the hair, making them look thick.
  • If your locks don’t hold a style well, apply hair styling gel before styling. Styling gel will enable your hair to grip the style well.
  • Moisture doesn’t let you create a perfect hairstyle therefore it is crucial to take out maximum possible moisture out of hair before start styling.
  • Use light-weighted hair gels and pastes to prevent your hair from getting down while styling.
  • Make use of volumizing gels and thickening mousse rather than gels if you are trying to create convoluted waves in your hair.
  • When blow drying, the perfect way to add bulk to your hair is to do it straight up. Stand straight and drag your hair vertically at the roots with the help of your hair brush. In this way firmer tension will be created and your hair will be given more lift.
  • If you have got a lop-sided haircut then lift up your fine hair in this way; first, blow-dry your hair in opposite direction of the way you will be sporting it and then after brush it back in the right way. This will lift up your hair strands, giving you a more body filled finish.
  • If your locks are lacking ability to hold the curls, use hot hair-rollers to create the curls. The heat emitted by the roller will change the structure of your hair, enabling them to grip the curls for long.