Half Up Bouffant Style

Half Up Bouffant Style

The Half-up Bouffant Style is an admired hairstyle of modern young women since it doesn’t mess up and can prove a just right style for several occasions. Here is given a step by step tutorial to a perfect Half-Up Bouffant. Give it a go!!!Half Up Bouffant Style

The thing you’ll need to create the style are hot rollers, open-end bobby pins, close-end bobby pins, curling iron, lightweight/medium hairspray, wide-toothed comb and a small sectioning comb.

Step I

The first step for creating a perfect Half-Up Bouffant is prepping the hair. To prep the hair, first set it in hot rollers and once it has cooled, take the curlers away and loosen the curls by running your fingers through the hair. You may also want to run a wide-tooth comb through your curls for additional body and texture.

Step II

Part a section of hair near the top of your head; clip off its top portion to make it out of the way and tease its underneath portion.

Step III

While teasing the sides, take a section on the diagonal further than the front of your head and tease it in the desired direction. Just ensure to leave small piece of hair around the frame of your face so that you can conceal the teased portion with it.

Step IV

Comb out the curls in the desired direction. Then pick a small section from each side of the front of the head and secure it at the back with your close-end bobby pins. With your open-end bobby pins, pin some additional tresses in the back to conceal the foundation pins.

Step V

Finish up the style in the way you feel comfortable. Tousle the curls to make them fall in the preferred way. Tease the bangs if you want. Finally set your style by misting moderate amount of the hairspray.