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Halloween Hair Color Sprays Tips and Halloween Hairstyles

Thinking about getting a hair-dye this Halloween Hair Color Sprays? Check out the below given tips and suggestions as a safety measure so your hair won’t be dreading you after the Halloween is over. The Halloweens Superstores are today flooded with many different spray dyes that can change your hair color instantly. The temporary spray dyes come in a range of nature inspired and neon shades. They make your hair look wacky in no time, but you shouldn’t expect smooth shiny hair with even coverage from these Halloween Hair Color Sprays.

Halloween Hair Color Sprays Tips

Halloween Hair Color Sprays

It is wiser to use lighter colors that will wash out as they claim but steer clear of dark colors like black, brown, purple and dark blue, especially if you have naturally light or blonde hair or if your hair is damaged. Though, lighter-colored hair sprays wash out easily, but if you’re really concerned, perform a strand test to check out how it washes before dying your entire hair.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Another option to get a Halloween-appropriate hair color is semi-permanent hair dyes. These semi permanent hair dyes claim to wash out after several rinses. For most of the time it’s true, but at times these claims prove to be false as well. Actually, the semi-permanent hair dyes contain pigments that don’t penetrate deep into the hair shaft and thus easily come out after a few washes. But if your hair is damaged or extra thin, the color molecules “cling on” to your hair for long making it hard to wash out. So, what’s needed on your part, to avoid such situation, is to be very diligent while choosing dark colors.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Permanent Hair Dyes

If you’re planning on valuing a permanent color for Halloween night, keep it in mind that your hair color will be just that – permanent. Be ready to live with whatever color you’ve chosen. The nastiest mistake you could make is coloring your hair black and get up the next day with a desire to dye your hair blonde or even brown. For reversing the effects of darker hair-dye you’ll have to do bleaching or color stripping. These services are mostly damaging and very time-consuming. So, if you want to rock black hair on Halloween, use a wig rather than dying your hair in black.

Permanent Hair Dyes

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