Helpful Tips for DIY Hair-Cutting Job

A perfect haircut that works best for your hair and suits your facial structure too can instantly add a charm and appeal to your personality. When it comes to get a haircut, it’s not always necessary to pay at an expensive salon or hire the services of a professional hairstylist. You can also get a professional-looking haircut at home by your own if you learn a few basic of DIY hair-cut job.

Helpful Tips for DIY Hair-Cutting Job

Here is given a simple guide to a tailor-made at home hair-cut job.

Gather the Amenities: The first and foremost step of a DIY hair-cutting task is to pull together all the required stuff. You’ll be in need of a hair-untangling serum, comb, clips, towel, spray bottle and, off-course, a pair of sharp, professional scissors.

Wet Your Hair: Hair-cutting should always be started with wet hair. You can use spray bottle to dampen your hair slightly, or simply shampoo your hair right before doing the cut for even better results. If you prefer shampooing instead of making the hair wet, just make it sure to use a mild shampoo; condition your hair thereafter and squeeze any excess water using a towel.

Prepare the Hair for Cut: As soon as you’re done with shampooing and conditioning, work the detangling serum allover. Using a wide-toothed comb, tease your hair to make it smooth and knot-free. Now, let your strands air-dry for a couple of minutes and comb it again. Your hair is now ready to get a cut.

Part Hair into Pieces: Needless to say, you must have a clear idea in mind about which sort of cut you actually want beforehand. Separate your hair into sections accordingly. While working with one section, clip all the other sections away so they don’t get cut accidentally.

Cut Half An Inch Only: As a professional, I recommend you to cut the hair gradually.  Half or one inch length is just enough to be cut at one time.

Cut the Other Side after Finishing First: Unless you want to end up with an untidy cut, it is imperative to finish with the first section completely before start cutting the next one. Also, make it sure to tie the other sections tightly at the back so that they don’t come in the way of the section you’re currently working on.

One thing you’ve got to keep in mind always is that you can’t get the exactly desired results in the first attempt. Keep practicing, and you’ll certainly be able to achieve exactly what you want one day.