Helpful Ways to Remove Ingrown Hair Effectively

Occurrence of ingrown hair is a common issue many women, especially those having oily skin. Ingrown hair not only looks ugly, but also leaves the victim in adverse pain and discomfort. Therefore, those experiencing the condition seek ways to get it fixed as soon as possible. Here I am discussing a few helpful ways to treat and remove ingrown hair effectively:

Helpful Ways to Remove Ingrown Hair Effectively


When it comes to remove an ingrown hair painlessly, the first step to take is to slough off any dead and dry cells from the skin. Make use of a quality scrub or exfoliator for this purpose. Apply the scrub onto the affected area and scrub it light handedly using foam. This will remove the dead skin cells, reducing the odds of development of ingrown hair. Regular exfoliating treatment also facilitates the removal of ingrown facial hair.

Hot compress

Ingrown hair is usually not visible on the skin surface as it mostly grows back in the follicles. Therefore, it is quite tough to locate the area where it exactly is. However, it can be brought on the skin surface with the help of a hot compress. Place a hot compress over the affected area for a couple of minutes; the hair will be softened and became visible on the skin surface. Pull it out finally with a plucker or tweezer.

Medicated sprays

Those having sensitive may also experience inflammation in the area around ingrown hair. If you do so, use a medicated spray in that area. This will reduce the inflammation and thus help you remove the ingrown hair easily.


Shaving is another effectual way to get rid of painful ingrown hair. But, a warm/hot compress should always be applied onto the affected skin beforehand so as to soften up the hair and make it visible. Thereafter, remove the hair gently with the help of a shaver and follow it up with an antiseptic to relax the skin.

Laser treatment

If despite of all other efforts and treatment, ingrown hair still persists, go for a laser treatment. Many laser hair removal devices are available in the market for this purpose today. You’ll surely notice a remarkable improvement in your condition after using laser devices three to four times. These devices work best for thick and dark ingrown hair.