Henna Conditioning Excellent Way to Liven-Up Your Hair Instantly

Henna has long been used in Middle Eastern states as a natural hair conditioner as well as an organic hair-dye since ages. But it has now professed a huge popularity across the globe thanks to its multifarious uses and excellent offshoots.

Henna is actually a bushy plant which’s leaves are dried and crushed and then combined with water to create a smooth paste. This paste is then used as a hair-dye and conditioner.

Henna Conditioning

Benefits of using Henna

Henna serves more than one purposes when it comes to hair care. It deep conditions the hair and delivers it a red color naturally. Moreover it strengthens your hair roots and, with its anti-fungal properties, also helps keeping the flaky dandruff at bay. Not only this, a henna paste also reduce the frizz and make your hair more manageable plus it is also known for giving your locks an instant oomph and natural sheen.

How to get ready for Henna conditioning?

Prepping the henna conditioner doesn’t involve any intricate steps; its application however can be a bit tricky. No need to worry anyway! It’s hard only unless you don’t learn the right process of application, once you learn the right technique; it would become a piece of cake for you.


Based on the length and volume of your hair, take adequate dosage of henna powder and add a blend of distilled tepid water and lime juice to it. Stir well to create a smooth, crème mixture. Cover the container with a lid and let the henna paste sit for four to eight hours or overnight.


It isn’t necessary to wash your hair before applying henna. Simply divide your hair into moderately thick sections and using your fingers work the mixture through all the hair pieces evenly. Don’t forget to put on gloves before starting henna application or it will leave your hands stained. Once all your strands are thoroughly coated cover your head with a plastic cap and towel and leave for almost three hours. After the set time is over, rinse your tresses thoroughly with shampoo and water and towel dry it at the end.