Home Remedies For Hair Growth

We all run to cosmetic stores when we need some help regarding our beauty and body, but personally I know that nothing can work better than home remedies and nothing is better than natural things so here are some very good and powerful home remedies for you to get long and healthy heir naturally.

Home Remedies For Hair Growth
First of all you need to see if you are eating good food, if you are starving your body and you think that by applying these home remedies you would get healthy hair then you are wrong, you need to eat good and then apply these home remedies and you will get some really good results.

Onion juice: – it might sound pretty funny, but onion is one of my favorite think to get long healthy hair, I am not saying that because I like it, we get this tip from old wives and I believe that they knew the best and the better than we do and the cosmetic companies do . Onion is one of the best sources of sulphur and this can help you get healthy and strong roots which are very important for production of the collagen tissues, you just need to take juice of one red onion and apply over your scalp and give it one hour before you wash it off with normal running water.

Apple cider vinegar: – vinegar is really very good for your hair and if you are trying to get the best benefits then you can try Apple cider vinegar, it has some really very strong cleaning powers and at the same time it can help your cells and your hair production too. You can take it as a final rinse, just take one table spoon of Apple cider vinegar in one bath mug and add lots of water in it and wash your hair with it at the end as final rinse and get healthy and shiny hair.

Egg mask: Egg is full with healthy ingredient and as natural make it as powerful as a food and we can use it as a home remedies too so why not? Use it for your healthy beautiful hair too, you should use it three times a week as a hair mask and if you think your hair are getting good result then you can try this mask for best results, you can make great mask with egg, one honey and one table spoon oil and any essential oil , egg is not a very good source of proteins, but it is really good with sulphur, zinc, iron, selenium, phosphorous and iodine and it is very good for your hair.

Potato juice: – I guess many of you are totally unaware of this helping, tip, potato is really very good for not only your hair but it is really good very good for hair. You just need to chop and make a thick past of large potatoes and apply in your hair and now you need to take some time and after that wash your hair with any mild hair shampoo, if you think that you can enjoy the Henna shade then you can try Henna hair pack too.