Home Remedies Of Gray Hair

There are lots of things that we can do to deal with gray hair and prematurely hair issues and if you think that something is not good for you or something is not working for you then you can always try something else and something new.

Home Remedies Of Gray Hair

First thing you can try is switch to mild shampoos, it is really good if you use some baby shampoos and the best idea for hair is organic shampoos, they are really good even if you don’t see any instant results you would get some positive result soon. Actually sometime those gray hairs which are not a result of genes or any illness could be the result of harsh chemicals, you just need to see if these mild shampoos cleaning your hair or not, try to calm down a bit and see if these can clean your hair or not stop thinking to getting smooth looks for a bit.

Oiling can be a very good idea, cause the pollution can make our scalp and hair dry and damage and can destroy the natural production of hair follicles, for these reason you can try to apply oil and see if this can help your gray hair or not? You can use any oil for this purpose, but the best idea is try olive oil, almond oil or you can try some essential oils too, it is up to you and we will see the results.

If you have been using perfumed hair oils, then stop using these oils cause they can be the reason of gray hair cause perfumes can damage the hair follicles and all those cells which are responsible of hair shades, if you are trying to get some hair benefits with these kind of oils then try some essential oil rather than these artificial oils cause they just have side effects which will come out today or after few months.

Now we are going to talk about some method to treat these gray hairsJ
Boil some ridge guard in coconut oil and then apply that over your hair when it is a bit worm and then let it be there for next few hours and then wash it off with ruining water, this is a very famous treatment for premature gray hair.

If you make a habit to use leftover tea water for final rinse then you would notice some difference soon, it will not only keep your hair smooth and shiny it will start getting on to your hairs too and will give it some shines and some shades too.

If you start eating curry leaves regularly this will not only help your with your digestive system, but it will prevent gray hairs too, and you just need to eat it as salad or you can try boils curry leaves in coconut oil and massage your hair with this oil three times a week and if possible then everyday and you will notice magical impact.

Now one of the famous tip, Henna! I can bet any money that if you are using Henna properly then there is nothing in this world that you need to do for your hair, I know personally that Henna make your hair thick, healthy, shiny beautiful, strong and straight, even if you born with curly hair Henna can make them straight natural but it will take some time, not some month but may be one year and I bet you would love your hair after that one year.