Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall

Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall

Hair fall is the last thing that a woman want to experience cause I bet no one like to see their long beautiful hair on their hand or on their pillow, when we see one hair we feel bad, but when we see few we fill hurt, but if you see your hair keep coming out of your scalp by even brushing then you need some help and you need to see if this is a reason of some medical issues or some health issues then you need to get an appointment with your surgery as soon as possible, but if you think that your hair are getting weak cause you are not taking care of them or you are not using proper hair products then here are some home remedies for you to deal with hair loss issues.

Coconut Milk is almost the magic potion for your hair and if you are experiencing hair fall then you just need to grind fresh Coconut to get the milk and then apply that on your hair and rub with your fingers and then let it sit in your scalp for few hours and then wash it off with rubbing water and this will prove very helping to deal with hair fall, You can try coconut oil for that too cause this is the best source of health and nutritional qualities and provide the scalp important and essential vitamins and moisturizer.

Aloe vera is a very good thing not only for your skin and body and healthy immune system, but for your hair and scalp too and it work as a glue for your hair fall, it not only help you hair fall issue , but it can help you grow new hair too and if you have Aloe Vera plant in your own home then try to get fresh pure aloe gel and rub directly to the scalp and rub a bit and then wash your hair after one hour with the mildest shampoo, you can deal with dry and itchy scalp with that too and it can solve almost all kind of hair issue very brilliantly.

Oil Massage is a very effective and ancient way to treat your hair issues, if you start using any essential oil for a regular massage then you will see that it will make your hair beautiful and shiny and it will help you treating hair fall too and for that you can use any hair oil from mustard oil to Coconut oil and all of them will help you and your hair issues finally.

Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall-

Neem is also very good for your hair issues and you just need to make a fine past with Neem leaves and then apply that over your scalp and let it get dry then before you wash them with running water, you can use it in another way too, boil Neem leaves in water until the water level falls to half its initial quantity and then cool it and wash your hair with that for one week and then you will see the difference really soon.

Amla and reetha are very good for healthy hair, they make your hair stronger and shinier and you just need to soak reetha, amla and shikakai in boiled worm water and use it to wash your hair every time you wash your hair and this will make your hair strong and healthy and will solve the hair fall issues.