Home Remedies For Premature Gray Hair

Home Remedies For Premature Gray Hair

Premature Gray Hair is not a new thing for our generation when the environment and the pollution is the biggest reason of all the damages we get and the computation and stress make things worse and today, I am sharing all of those best and well proven home remedies to treat and prevent Premature Gray Hair.

Premature Gray Hair

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Indian Gooseberry: First thing that comes in my mind when I start talking about gray hair is Indian gooseberry, yes it is not only very good for your hair and health of your hair, it is very good for hair pigmentation, you just need to take one tablespoon powder of Indian gooseberry and then add lemon juice and a very little amount of water and make a paste and then apply it all over your scalp for one to two hours it is up to you and then wash off your hair with rubbing water, you don’t need to use shampoo with that, you can make a special oil with that too by cooking whole Indian gooseberry in coconut oil till it turns black and then store it in a air tight jar and use it to massage your scalp with this oil at least two times a week and keep it on for 2-4 hours before you wash it off.

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Fenugreek: It is the newest thing that I added in my hair and skin regime, you can consume fenugreek sprouts daily to get all the healthy and beautiful benefits,but if you don’t like it then you can use it externally too and you will be glad to see the results, you need to soaked fenugreek overnight and then make a paste with seeds and the water you used to soaked and then apply the paste on your hair three times a week and it will not only moisturize your Premature Gray Hair and scalp, but it will make it strong an healthy too and it is very good to treat and prevent gray hair and you can use essential oil too.

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Sesame Seeds: You need to make a fine paste with sesame seeds and almond oil and then use it to massage your Premature Gray Hair once a week or twice week, but you need to keep it on overnight or more than that and try to apply it over cleaned and freshly washed hair and then it will show magical results, wash your hair with baby shampoo and running water and if you are not happy with almond oil then you can use plain sesame oil on your hair too and you will love the result.

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Onion: I can say that you would keno that ginger, onion and garlic is great for your hair, and to make your hair strong and healthy, but it is very good to treat your gray hair too.Premature Gray Hair, you need to get a juice of these three things and apply it all over your scalp and hair too and then cover your hair with bathing cape for 20-45 minutes and then wash it off with mild shampoo and running water.onion benefits,onion growing,onion nutrition,onion soup,onion tor,onion rings,onion chutney,onion av