Homemade Hair Pack For Dry Hair

There are lots of things that can make your hair look beautiful at once and we use them on some special occasion to get tremendously beautiful hair, but if you want to use something natural and safe then here are some simple hair packs that you can use to get beautiful hair naturally and you can use these hair packs to treat almost all of your hair issues in the safest way cause we are going to use the natural ingredients so there is no way that you get side effects from natural things, so are you ready?

how to make hair silky

First thing that you can use to treat dry and dull looking hair is drink lots of water and eat healthy food and get beautiful hair from inside out and with that you can use these hair pack to get beautiful hair.

Gram Flour Pack: normally we use gram flour for skin and oily scalp, but today we are going to use it to treat dry hair and for that you need to take one cup of raw milk or you can use coconut milk too for the moisturizing qualities, now add three teaspoon of gram flour in it and make a smooth past with these two things and apply on your freshly cleaned scalp and keep it on your skin for 30 minutes and then wash it off with running water and mild shampoo and you can do that every week.

how to make hair shiny naturally at home

Essential oils: your dry scalp needs some essential oils to get healthy and smooth scalp to grow healthy hair, as oiling is like a feeding your hair the perfect food that it actually need to get beautiful growth and for that you need to mix coconut oil and almond oil and worm them up for few seconds and then apply that over cleaned scalp for few minutes and massage and then keep it on for 2-4 hours and wash it off with light and mildest shampoo possible, if you want to get intensive repair then you can use few drops of lavender oil or rosemary oil in it too and you l get the beautiful hair within a month.

Honey Rinse: You can give your hair a new life with honey and beer and for that you just need to mix either of these things with slightly chilled water and mix it well and use it as a final rinse of your hair and you will love the result, it will not only will give you healthy shiny and thickness, but will provide the moisturizer and coolness to your dry and brittle hair, you can use neat beer for the same purpose too.