Homemade Hair Pack For Hair Growth in 30 Minutes

Homemade Hair Pack & Hair Growth-0

Today i am share with you homemade hair pack, I am going to shade something very authentic with all of you, I am here to share a very magical hair mask which is legit awesome cause this mask will add moisture to your hair and make them strong at the same time and since I am using natural things so there is no way we get side effects, you just need to see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, I am going to use Indian gooseberry which is famous as a super fruit in the beauty department, you can use it for almost all hair issues and it will help you get batter hair, my mum always make me eat it too, although I don’t like to eat the fruit, I like the things we can prepare from its powder though, but mum says it’s good for brain too and it is very healthy for immune system too.

Homemade Hair Pack

Homemade Hair Pack in Natural Ingredient

I use to wash my hair with a mixture of Amla Shikakai Reetha when I was young and my mum use to soak them in water overnight and they literally turned my maroon brown hair into pure black hair, but it does make my hair look shinier and healthier and make them super strong too, and it is far better than ready to use shampoos, I get more bounce and more shine in my hair with that and I never suffer with any hair issues and I will give all the credit to my home made shampoo for this, thxx MOM xoxo.

Now I am sharing a mash which you can try every week or twice a week to get stronger and healthier hair naturally and it does accelerate the growth rate too, I feel that, don’t know for sure.

Homemade Hair Pack & Hair Growth-0

To make this mask you need to take one tablespoon gooseberry powder into the bowl and then add 1 and half teaspoon honey into the bowl and mix well, now we will add 4 tablespoon of warm water , we are adding water to make a smooth paste like consistency so, keep adding till you get that consistency don’t make it too runny nor too thick either.

Now you should apply it over clean scalp, I always say when you want to apply some mask on your hair or scalp, you should wash your hair with baby shampoo and don’t apply conditioner after that, now we will apply it only to the scalp and rub with fingers, you should massage with it and keep it on your scalp for about 30 minutes or more and then wash it off with water and then shampoo and condition as you would in routine and I would say apply some Apple Cider Vinegar to add magic too.

Homemade Hair Pack & Hair Growth-0

homemade hair pack and Amla will provide strength to the roots and also add shine and give some gloss and shine all over you hair and Honey is for the hydrating and moisturizing part and as we all know that when our skin get ample amount of moisturizer, it get healthier and beautiful too.

I normally use two masks during a week, one I shared earlier and other one is mix one teaspoon fenugreek seeds powder with yogurt and I am pretty happy with my hair.