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How to Care for Long Hair

How to Care for Long Hair – Long tresses are sign of beauty especially in Asian region. However it takes a lot more time to take care of long hair. Here we are presenting some tips regarding how to take care of long hair.How to Care for Long Hair

  • Don’t sleep with firmly interlaced hair. The stress on hair caused by this may cause breakage.
  • Use especially treated hair band which must not cause breakage of hair.
  • Trim the ends of hair at least once in three months. Fragmented ends cause hair to tear off your hair.
  • Avoid using hair brush to comb your hair. This stretches hair and causes breakage and breaking off.
  • Gently entangle your hair by combing with fingers. Towing down hair too stiff will cause cracking of hair.
  • Comb your tresses before washing it. This will make drying and styling easy and will decrease the knots and tangles.
  • Do not run hair with towel while drying. Try to blot the water out of tresses. Rubbing the hair causes tangles in hair.
  • Use a silky pillow instead of cotton pillow. Cotton pillow causes hair to break. Alternatively wear a ponytail and get it covered with silky headscarf.
  • Brush your hair well as it blowouts the natural hair oils across the length of hair.
  • Taking such small measures you can preserve and protect your long hair.