How to Create Beach Waves Using a Flat Iron

Working women and collage going girls worried about their daily routine hairstyle. Some like straight hairs and some like curly hairs. Now a day’s most of the girls like beach waves using flat iron.

Beach Waves Using a Flat Iron

How to Create Beach Waves Using a Flat Iron

As a side note, using a flat iron with rounded ends will work the best for smooth curls. Plates with square ends can cause crimps in the hair and the flat iron won’t move smoothly through the hair as easy.

Step 1: Start out with completely dry, brushed hair. Distribute a heat protector to all of your hair to minimize breakage. Before using heat try to use Protective Spray.

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Step 2: Section your hair off in four sections, starting from bottom of your hair, take one inch sections of hair at a time, hold tightly the flat iron near the roots, and slowly pull the iron down rotating the iron in a half-way circle. Slowly take the iron down the strand of hair, making sure the iron is slightly turned the whole way down.

The way you hold the iron baton how long you hold it through the strand will impact the look of your waves. Holding it horizontally will make more rounded curls, and holding it vertically will create less waves. Also, holding the iron for too long down the stand can cause tighter waves. If your waves are too tight, don’t worry, because they can be combed out later.

How to Create Beach Waves Using a Flat Iron-

Carry on with the rest of your hair, going through each section when you get to the area of hair that falls on the sides of your face make sure to rotate the iron away from your face.

Step 3: (optional) to get a more natural effect, lightly comb or brush through your waves.

Step 4: Finish your hair off with a finishing cream. All you need is a little apply and work it through the curls with your fingers. This will classify the curls and reduce frizz.

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This is very easy way to get your hair Beach Waves by using a flat iron. This way of styling is very quick and time saving.