How to Curl Your Hair Using Curling Iron

Nobody in the world is satisfied with his/ her hair structure. Straight hair are a thing of envy for the girls having curly hair, while those who are blessed with straight hair want adding curls to their hair. Changing the look of your hair temporarily is no more an impossible task as the availability of hair styling tools make it easy for you to get your desirable look for a short time period. Let’s know how you can give your straight hair a bouncy and curly look with the help of curling iron.

1. Beachy Waves

How to Curl Your Hair Using Curling Iron

Beachy waves is a popular and glamorous hair-do that looks great at any occasion. It is quite simple and can be created in little time without any special effort. Wash your hair using a mild shampoo and let them air dry. Spray a heat protectant on your hair to protect them from the probable damages of curling tool. Now divide your hairs in five or more sections depending on the thickness of your hair. Take the uppermost section of your hair in hand and place the curling iron about two inches away from roots and wind your hair around it. Hold for at least five seconds before releasing. Curl all sections using the same procedure. Don’t forget using hairspray to give your style a finishing touch.

2. Spiral Curls

How to Curl Your Hair Using Curling Iron-

This classic curly hair-do is often seen on celebrities, model girls and actresses. The only difference between beachy waves and spiral curls is that the first one gives your hair bouncy and loose curls, while the second one is used to get tight curls. Spiral curl is perfect option for the girls having thin hair because this style adds more volume to your hair. For getting spiral curls, the whole procedure is same to the beachy waves except winding the hair. For spiral curls, wind the hair around curling iron tightly and hold for at least 8 seconds before releasing. In the last step, apply a hairspray that is essential to hold the style.

Curl Your Hair Using Curling Iron Curl Your Hair Using Curling Iron-