How To Deal With Bad Hair Day

Sometime when we feel that our hair are getting a bit dry and dull and we try to cheer then up with hair mask, conditioner gel or what no, but then we feel that no matter what we do, these hair are not going to look beautiful and they are not going to look smooth and stylish and that what we call a bad hair day, but here are some simple tips for you girls to deal with your bad hair day.

How To Deal With Bad Hair Day

Lumpy Ponytail: – If you want to look great with bad hair day and you have long hair then you can try polished pony and this is not only a beautiful and stylish and you need to take a 100% natural boar bristle brush with synthetic as natural bristles not only absorb and distribute natural oils to help smooth bumps and flyaways, but it will kill the whole look too, you need to tie your hair in a high loose ponytail and insert a bobby pin in the base of the ponytail between the elastic and your head and then you need to tighten the elastic and make a high and smooth ponytail and then fix it with another bobby pin and make a X of your pins.

Product Overload: -If you have used too much products and you feel that your hair are getting too flat or too greasy then you just need to take smoothing serum and blow dry with a round brush as the serum will makes sweeping through the hair easier and you just need to position the brush underneath your hair, and spray some water on your tresses a few times as you dry and you would see that the over doss product will come off with the bristles and you will feel lighter and smoother.

How To Deal With Bad Hair Day-

Unruly Bangs: – we all know that Unruly bangs are so cute when you leave the solon, but in the morning you would see that your hair look messy and horrible and you would end up with un pleasant bangs and you feel that you are trying to get them on your face and the roots are pushing them on different directions and u fell that you are getting bangs that does not cooperate with you, and to deal with that you just need to take some water and rub at the root of the hair, you don’t need to wet your whole bangs and then quickly re-blow the root into place you want then and this will not only fix your bangs immediately, but it will give your bangs a new look too.

Out-of-Control Curls: – if your curls are messing with your look and you feel that they need a new refresh touch then you just need to damp your hair a bit then you just you need to apply a dime-sized amount of lightweight styling cream with conditioning agents and apply that all over your hair and then either roll then in roller or you just need to tied them in a tight bun and let them get dry and when you feel it’s done you just need to untie your bun and then run your fingers in your hair and shake your hair a bit.