How To Deal With Dandruff

Normally when we don’t drink ample water, when we use harsh chemicals or other similar things we kind of dry out our follicles and our follicles stop producing natural oil too and that is what we call dryness and that is what called dandruff and the logical solution of that is to make your skin and your scalp moisturizes and make it start producing healthy natural oil and that is what we are going to do today.

First of all you need to follow these rules to avoid dry flacks. Stop eating fried, greasy and spicy food stop alcohol and caffeine and try to consume as much zinc as you can and you can get zinc from brown rice, oysters, ham, red rice, chicken, pasta, milk and eggs and many other natural foods.

How To Deal With Dandruff

Try to add some water in your regular shampoo and that will help your scalp and your dryness and dandruff. When you get dandruff you feel itchy and you scratch that is very bad for your scalp and you might end up with injure and damaged scalp which is very bad for your skin and hair condition. Use a powder of green gram to wash your hair and that will help you prevent dandruff and dryness.

Your hair needs a massage to get deep moisturizing and the best is if you use warm olive or sesame oil for that because they have natural moisturizing properties and if you rap a warm wet cloth or towel on the head for few minutes that will help your skin to inhale all the qualities, you can try a hot steam head bath too for that purpose.

Use apple cider vinegar mixed with water as a final rinse and that will clear up a flaky scalp and if you mix it with a leftover black tea then you will get double impact. Beetroot crushed in henna paste is very good it will not only help you get bright healthy shine, but you will get flowing beautiful hair too.

You can try plain Henna past for that too and if you add some mustard oil and some yogurt then you will get fresh looking skin and healthy hair. Now at the end I am sharing one best thing that will help you, with all kind of hair even if you have natural curly dry hair, you just need to apply a yogurt and mustard oil mast in your hair and scalp for 1 hour before every wash and you will see the magic.