How To Deal With Dry Hair

If you have dry hair then get ready for other hair issues including, split ends, hair fall, dry scalp, itchiness, hair fall and many more and so if you want to prevent all these things then start working to your hair as soon as you see the miner symptoms of dryness and here are some very great tips to treat your dryness and dull looking hair.

How To Deal With Dry Hair

First of all you need to see if you are eating good food and if you are taking healthy and good fluid too, if you are taking at least 8 glasses of water during a day and if you are eating good fats or not, if you are taking care of your food and you still getting dry hair then there would be only two reasons of this dryness, if you are using too much chemicals, or there is something wrong going on inside your body, so check your doc as soon as possible, but if you are getting these issues due to excessive use of chemicals or wrong products then we can fix it.

First of all you need a spray that you could use to oil your hair cause nothing can make it so easy to condition your roots better than a oil spray cause it reach directly to your roots with some pressure and it get in the roots easily.

Now if you feel that your hair are too dry and they are not getting any result and not responding to your oil treatment then mix it with some worm water and mix it well and then spray this mixture to your roots and then you will get results, you can use these oils for your dry hair.

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Mustard oil

Avocado oil and you can use the thick pasta of avocado with any oil too, to provide the immediate help to your dry hair, oiling and massaging is the best thing that you can do to get healthy looking hair and healthy scalp but beside these we have some masks and some scrubbers too.

First of all leave three tablespoon of Poppy seed in half cup of hot milk over a night and the next day make a thick past with these things and apply that over your scalp and massage like you do when you scrub off the dead skin from your face and then let it be for 30 minutes and then wash it off with any mild shampoo and if you are planning to apply any kind of mask over your scalp then just wash it will running water, but make sure that you don’t have any scrubber left in your hair or on your scalp.

Now you can use any kind of mask, but there are some simple masks that you can use for your dry hair. Make a thick past with yogurt, mustard oil and small tablespoon of lime juice and you need to give this mask one hour before you wash it off. You can beat one whole egg with one table spoon of olive oil and a bit lime juice and you need to give 30 minutes to this mask and then wash it off with some mild shampoo.

Mix three sensational oils, olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil and make them a bit worm and massage your scalp with that and you can leave it for whole day if possible and then wash it off. You can use a past of Henna, mustard oil and some yogurt over your hair and you need to give this mask a day and then wash it off for healthy looking shiny hair, you can use any natural vinegar too to get smooth shiny hair.