How to Deep Condition Black Hair

How to Deep Condition Black Hair

Deep conditioning the hair props up the hair growth, provide them enough moisture and thus leave the hair healthy. For deep conditioning efficiently application of heat is must.How to Deep Condition Black Hair

How to Deep Condition Black Hair

Using heat to deep condition hair is somewhat difficult because for this purpose you have to buy expensive tools such as hooded dryers or steamers. However, in this article you will learn the way to deep condition effectively using heat without paying for costly equipment. Use regularly once a month and enjoy healthy and shiny hair. .

Bring the Tools Together

First, gather all the tools and components that are necessary for deep conditioning.

Rinse Hair

Rinse your hairs thoroughly to make them dirt free. After washing, dry off your hair using a fluffy and clean towel. Then after, allow them to air dry for almost five to ten minutes. You can also dry them fully prior to do conditioning. The moisture will absorb much better in the dry hair then moist.

Heat towels

Immerse two small size towels with hot water; put them in a bowl and fill the bowl u with hot water. Leave the towel containing bowl in the microwave and reheat until the towels turn out to be extremely hot. Since you are going to wrap your hair with these towels to produce heat, make sure they don’t turn scorching hot.

Put-on conditioner

Put on the conditioner on your entire hair, making sure that not even single hair has been left un-coated.

Apply treatment

Next step is heating. Tightly wrap your tresses with one of the two hot towels and then cover it with a plastic cap. Now wrap the second towel around the plastic cap tightly. Remember, the use of second towel is optional, just for getting better results. Cover the second towel with another plastic cap.


Hold the conditioner, towel and plastic cap on for about sixty minutes. Later, gently take the cap away. Wash out the conditioner using cool water so as to lock the cuticle. Dab leave-in conditioner and finally style the hair as usual.