How To Easy Summer Hair

We are going to make some very simple and easy to make hair does for you to rock summer parties. The SIDE SWEEP, if you like old movies you would remember that beautiful casual looking sexy side sweep, do you? Okay let’s try today for your new sexy summer look, if you have a bob-long hair and if you have long bangs then you have ideal hair for this style, if you have natural curls then it is brilliant,

How To Easy Summer Hair

but if you have silky straight hair then you got to get some help, wash your hair and blow-dry them this will add some fuzziness in your hair, and now role your hair around the rollers, you need to get some natural looking curls and fuzzy hair, now remove the roles and use a big teeth comb to brush your curl back side and now make two sections and pinup the right one near your face and leave the rest flay and leave free on your shoulder and back, it will look absolutely marvelous if you have small face and small mouth, it will give you a doll like face lookJ

The Braid Loop, is one of the famous loop for those who like to make things look casual and sexy and you would look like you are walking out directly from the paintings, you just need to grow your hair a bit longer for that hair style and you would look stunning in your summer parties.

Start making braids exactly above your ears and end it at the sides of your head and you do not have to make it a long braid, you need to make your hair look super smooth or straight before you do that because you would not look good if your braids are not proper okay now make two pigtail of the remaining hair at the back of your head but they suppose to be really tight now wrap and secure both of them just before the hairline and if you feel that it look too simple then add some glamorous pins or other hair accessories to look sexy and fascination.

The KNOT, the third one is which has been famous in almost all ages, the famous knot, and as I told you start growing your hair a bit longer when the summer is here, so if you have longer hair this is going to be the perfect for you, wash your hair and blow-dry them smoothly and you need smooth straight hair now make a high ponytail and use hair elastic for that and now make two ponytails out of this one ponytail.

Now with these two ponies make one simple knot of your hair and keep folding till the ponytail is totally raped around your ponytail and now finish your look with your favorite hair accessories