How To Fake Curls

Curly hair always looks desirable and eye catching. The loose or fuller waves awesomely enhance your facial features getting you all the attention you crave for. Some people have naturally curly hair while the other are not blessed enough. No need to despair however!! If you don’t have naturally curly hair, you can fake the curls. Right?

How To Fake Curls

There are several ways to fake natural curls and I am presenting the simplest and easiest of all. You have to begin with freshly rinsed hair to create the wavy effect this way.

Step I: Towel dry your freshly washed hair and then briskly run your fingers in your mane to remove any kinks and knots. It is suggested not to brush out your damp hair as it will straighten your already straight hair a bit more.

Step II: Now work a curl mousse or cream through your hair and scrunch it up as you work.

How To Fake Curls-

Step III: Blow-dry your hair with a blow-dryer having a diffuser attached to it. You should see your tress curled after being diffused.

Step IV: Next up, add loose waves to your curls with the help of a ½-1 inch curling iron. It is advised to wind your curls around the outside of the barrel instead of clamping it in so as to create better effect. You can curl your locks towards or off your face.

Step V: If you have utterly straight hair, you’ll have to curl each and every piece of your hair. However, if you’ve a little curl then it’s not necessary to curl the whole thing.

Step VI: Once you’ve curled your entire hair gently comb it out with a ick to fluff it up and you’re ready to flaunt those longed-for, gorgeous curls.