How To Fuss Over Relaxed Hair In 5 Easy Ways

How To Fuss Over Relaxed Hair In 5 Easy Ways

Beauty and shine are two major attributes of relaxed hair. Relaxed hair not only imparts you a more attractive and livelier seem, it also allows you to style your manes in desired way. Relaxening procedure makes your hair more manageable.

How To Fuss Over Relaxed Hair In 5 Easy Ways

However, relaxing your hair can prove counter productive if you don’t know how to fuss over it rightly. To ease your tension I’ve pulled together some essential hair care tips for you so that you can experience healthy, shiny relaxed hair always.

Protect It

Chemically relaxed hair calls for enough protection against the harmful environmental factor like heat, sunshine, wind, dust and humidity since they’re more susceptible to dirt accumulation and excessive dryness when unwisely exposed to the environmental elements. So, you always got to ensure that you’ve covered your head with a scarf or silk cloth tucking all the hair inside before hitting outdoors or indulging yourself in a refreshing activity like playing or exercising.

Don’t Overwash

Overwashing is a huge no-no for a robust relaxed hair. Relaxed hair doesn’t need frequent washing; shampooing just once in seven days with a specialized, lightweight, sulfate-free shampoo is enough for keeping it healthy and clean.

Condition Regularly

Relaxed hair warrant regular conditioning to stay robust and healthy. So, make it a routine to work leave-in conditioner through your hair. Leave-in conditioners happen to be rich in protein, moisture and nourishing oils, so when used regularly, preferably after shampooing, they replenish the lost moisture to your hair and prevent dehydration and knot-formation. Let the conditioner sit in your hair for almost fifteen minutes and then rinse off.

Remove Split Ends

Regular trimming, every six-eight weeks, is very crucial for African as well as other hair types. It keeps those pesky split ends at bay that tend to hinder the growth of healthier manes.

Regular Oiling is Indispensable

Records point out that tea-tree oil works like a magic to keep the chemically treated hair shiny, lustrous, smooth and supple. Without proper oiling, relaxed hair tends to become thinner and lackluster.

To prevent such conditions, massage your strands with a handful of coconut, almond tea-tree or olive oil at least once a week.