How To Get Beautiful Curly Hair Without Heat

This is a quick & easy hairstyling tutorial on how to get curls without heat.

How To Get Beautiful Curly Hair Without Heat

1. Straw Set

As the name suggests, this curling method is fashioned with drinking straws. It’s perfect for the woman who wants curl in their hair… The curls you get will be very small and tight, but you can separate them once dry to get a complete look. Protection is a breeze since you cover your straw set curls at night with a big bonnet, and in the morning shakes them free.

2. Curl Formers

One of the benefits of curling your hair with these modern rollers is that you can control the size, since Curl formers come in several lengths and widths to contain a range of hair.

3. Rollers

You have several options with rollers, but the kinds you want to avoid are the old-fashioned sponge ones. Magnetic rollers come in a broad range of sizes so even short hair can be curled with this gentle method.

Use these after you shampoo and condition; the larger the roller, the straighter and more voluminous your hair will be. Just make sure your hair is completely dry before removing them so that your curls are frizz-free.

4. Flexi-Rods

Create pretty spirals with flexi-rods, which are very easy to use. They’re similar to Curl formers but you cover your hair around the outside of flexi-rods instead of placing your hair inside the curler. Your hair can be dry for this method. Just make sure you cover your ends all the way around the rod and those them lay smoothly beside it — otherwise, they may look torn when you take the rods out.

5. Pin Curls

This is an old-fashioned curling method, but it still works great. Best for dry hair that’s already straightened; you don’t have to worry about getting your parts all even and uniform. Just take small to medium sections of hair, cover them in a round pattern, press to your head and pin in place. Let set for more than a few hour and bouncy curls will result.

6. Rag Curls

Like pin curls, you don’t hear much about rag curls anymore, this is another inexpensive but effective curling method. All you need are old, clean rags that you have around the house. Have an old tee shirt that you’re going to throw out. Don’t do it — it’s a perfect curl-maker.

All you have to do is place a rag, about 12 inches long, at the end of a section of hair, roll it up and tie the ends of the rag in place. If you only want curly ends, stop covering midway up the hair shaft; otherwise, rag roll to the scalp for allover curls.

7. Bantu Knots

Create Bantu knots on wet or dry hair. If your hair is wet, your curls will be more defined and tighter, but on dry hair, Bantu knots will result in fuller, looser locks. One of the benefits of this method is that the knots are a style in them, so you can wear them for one day, and then free them for a completely different look for another few days.