How to Get Beautiful No-Heat With Straightener

If you are looking for some beautiful and natural looking curls and you don’t want that pro looking curls then you can try this simple method that we are sharing with you, that will look so natural and simple and look like so effortless, and they make you look so beautiful and stunning during these sunny days.

How to Get Beautiful No-Heat With Straightener

First of all you need to wash your hair and it is best if you go for deep conditioning, wash your hair and apply thick layer of conditioner for one or one and a half hour and then wash it off and now you are ready to apply that style, this will not only make your hair look shinier and thicker, but they will be protected against the heat of straightener.

First of all you need to pat dry your hair and add some anti-frizz serum to your hair, it is best if you apply that no matter what kind of area you live, it is perfect for sunny beach parties, and your hair will look arranged and neat no matter what, now when you are ready to start with that look you just need to get some simple wrap and tie them all around your head and make sure your hair is parted and combed well.

Now you need to start with small portions and it is best if you ask someone for some help cause it is a bit difficult to get curls on your backside with straightener, but if you don’t have a hand of help at that moment then it is okay you just need to lean down and bend over and comb all your hair in front of you and start rolling small portions of your hair around the plats of your straightener and it is best if you role then tightly cause if they are well raped they will look more neat and smooth.

Now when you are done with just rolls back and shake your roles a bit and set them they way you want and you are ready to get all the attentions you want.