How to Highlight Your Hair With Repigmentation Shampoo

How to Highlight Your Hair With Repigmentation Shampoo

Many women regularly color and highlight their hair to hide their discolored or gray hair or to get pleasure from an entirely different look. But recently there have been apprehensions about possible health risks associated with frequent hair coloring; unnecessary to mention that how that chemicals present in the hair dyes can wreak havoc on your hair.

Highlight Your Hair

How to Highlight Your Hair
Highlight Your Hair

So trying to find out ways to cut down their use is something that actually makes sense. Reflet is a latest product from France that highlights your hair, prolongs the life of your hair dye and in that way minimizes exposure to commercial hair colors. Shampoo and Creme Care offered by Reflet can also be used to blow up the highlights and add to the shine of natural, untreated hair.

Reflet Products

Those who experimented with Reflet say that it really works and give the results it claims. Reflet actually works a bit like semi-permanent color. Rather than lifting the color it adds tint to the hair surface.

Reflet products are made from mineral pigments, organic fruit extracts and shes butter and are absolutely free from ammonia, toxins and parabens. They come in six different shades.

Reflet Shampoo

The Reflet shampoo is a deep-cleansing shampoo with a strong yet pleasant smell. It should be used only once in seven days and should be allowed to sit in the hair for five minutes before rinsing off.

Reflet Crème Care

The Crème Care is advised for use every two weeks to revitalize hair color, cover up roots, and hide grays. First dampen your hair and massage it in your hair. Don’t forget to wear gloves before starting treatment. Leave it as it is for 20 minutes and then rinse off.

If you are prone to allergies and sensitivities then be sure to do a skin test before using.

Who Should Consider Using Reflet?

Reflet is recommended for anyone who

  • Is concerned about the chemicals a regular hair dye contains.
  • Wants to conceal gray hair or add highlights.
  • Has red, brown or copper hairs that tend to fade between colorings.
  • Wants to make his/her gray hair look healthy and shiny, not yellow or faded.
  • Is nursing or pregnant or has skin sensitive to regular hair dye.
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