How to Increase Hair Volume

How to Increase Hair Volume

How to Increase Hair Volume – If your tresses are flat, it will surely flat your personality. You will get fret with this thin flat hair. If you want to create the oomph in your every day style you have need to add volume in your hair at crown .The good news is that there are many product and styling techniques which solve the problem of bad hair”.

How to Increase Hair VolumeA few manipulations are here to produce the volume in hair:

FILLER PIECES AND TOOLS: Section the hair where you want to produce the volume and with help of curling iron add curls to that portion. Then apply hair spray to settle the style.

Other heating tools as blow drier, round brushes, rollers with drying hood are used to create the volume in hair.

Some unheated tools as pins, clips, back combing, hair pads which remain in hair are also be used to bring the volume in hair.

STYLING TECHNIQUES: Volume can be added in hair by the use of hair styling techniques, the thin hairs are to be styled in the way that they do not look flat, the hair cut   at the crown with flips and bangs and curls are all the styles which create volume in hair.


If you sleep with your wet hair without drying and wrap the towel around them, while you get up at morning you will see amazing result of volume in hair as they are blow dried. They look fresher and bouncier then usual.

Frequent washing of hair remove the greasy look from hair and the dry hair look more bouncy. But select the solemnizing shampoo for frequent washing of hair. With the clever use of foils and high lights make an illusion of volume in hair.


The hibiscus Rosa saneness leaves when boiled with coconut oil, and applied in hair. This proved to be an excellent plant in hair loss and increasing volume in hair.

The curry leaves or Tulsa leaves also work amazingly when boiled with coconut oil and applied in hair. The oil should be stayed in hair for a night. Then rinsed at morning.